Joint Center

Joint Center

Joint center

The Joint Center of SAEMYUNG HOSPITAL is a well-known place to perform joint replacement (knee) and joint endoscopy very nicely among various types of orthopedic surgery.
Artificial joint replacement
If the joint damage is very severe, the medication, exercise therapy, physical therapy, or mass therapy would not be very effective and it would be very painful. In addition, as the motion range of the joint is limited, a patient would have difficulties to perform daily activities. In this case, the knee, hip or shoulder can be replaced with the artificial joint.

artificial joint surgery

Joint endoscopic surgery

It is a surgical method to treat the injured area of the joint by making 2~3 small holes with less than 1 cm in diameter in the joint and then inserting joint endoscopic surgery equipment with 2~5 mm in diameter. It is mainly performed for the purpose of relieving sports injuries, cartilage and ligament injuries caused by traffic accidents, purulent infections, and initial symptoms of arthritis.


Therapeutic effects and benefits

Stem cell cartilage regeneration

Articular cartilage is a tissue free of blood vessels and nerves, so it can not be regenerated when damaged or degenerative. Knee Cartilage Stem Cell Therapy Process Endoscopy is used to make holes in the articular cartilage defects at regular intervals and then prepare a stem cell treatment agent (sterile). Afterwards, they are squeezed from the inside of the hole of bone defects and filled slowly, and the stem cell surface is flattened. Knee cartilage stem cell therapy 'is excellent cartilage regeneration effect. Endoscopy can be used to minimize bleeding and pain, and the advantage is that the procedure time is short. The recovery period is also short.