Spine Center

Spine Center

Spine Center

In the spine center of SAEMYUNG HOSPITAL, a patient can undergo surgical or non-surgical treatment depending on the conditions of individual's spine. Various types of surgical and non-surgical treatments are designed for the individual's condition.
The main symptoms of the low back are as follows.

C6 corpectomy with plate fixatn lateral mass scew fixatin c5,6,7

Direct lateral mterbody fnsin on L3-4 with sextant percataneous screw fixatin

What is a disc?

It is a jelly-like structure called a 'disc' which absorbs the shock of the joints between vertebral bodies.
If the pressure is applied due to wrong lifestyle or an accident, the disc would protrude to the other side. In this case, the pain would be caused by pressing the nerve root.

What is spinal stenosis?

The vertebrae body maintains proper intervals and space, it plays a role to support the body or to absorb the external shocks. As it has been excessively used for a long time or it is being aged over time, the space between vertebrae bodies becomes narrow to press the nerve, which causes the pain. It is the spinal stenosis.

Non-surgical therapy

In some cases, physical therapy and medication do not relieve the pain but the surgical therapy is not required. In this type of patient, non-surgical therapy using special medication would be more effective than surgical therapy. A representative non-surgical treatment is epidural neuroplasty.
Epidural neuroplasty (treatment using injection)

Other non-surgical therapy

Surgical therapy

Latest minimally invasive spinal surgery
It minimizes the pain and scars of the surgical site. As there are little damages in ligaments, bones and nerves around the surgical areas, there are almost no sequelae such as nerve adhesion, back pain and paresthesia. In addition, since blood transfusion is not required, a risk of infection or complication is greatly reduced. It is the latest spine surgical procedure that minimizes the risks of damage to nerves of the muscles and blood vessels which may be caused by conventional spinal surgery.
Unilateral Biportal Endoscopy (UBE)
It is the surgery that removes the cause by inserting an endoscope and a surgical device through two small holes with 0.5 cm in the low back. As it is the latest spine surgical technique, advanced equipment is required. In our area, only SAEMYUNG HOSPITAL can perform this surgery. In addition, this surgery can be performed in old patients or patients suffering from chronic diseases. There are almost no damages, scars in the muscles of low back, or complications after the surgery is performed.

Other surgical treatments

Cervical total disc replacement
It is a procedure that inserts an artificial disc between the vertebra bodies to reduce pain and lets the cervical vertebra naturally move at the same time after the disc which compresses the nerves is removed.
Spinal fusion
It is a treatment that restores the stability of the damaged vertebrae while maintaining movements of normal vertebrae by using Diam which is an artificial prosthetics made of soft silicone materials.